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Janie Terrell Peel is a PROFESSIONAL HEALTH COACH specializing in helping people, of all ages & health levels, understand how to achieve a healthier lifestyle and enhance their mental & physical well-being.

Coach Janie is adept at helping improve clients' health and wellbeing through co-operative health coaching. She assists her clients with attainable lifestyle changes & weigh management techniques by providing support, encouragement and education.

Coach Janie uses a variety of methods, products, and approaches that are personalized to each client's individual wellness needs. Therapeutic grade essential oils & supplements are used in combination with the latest approaches, as well as tried and true methods that have been used for centuries. Janie will help you determine your wellness goals and create a budget-friendly plan to help you achieve and maintain these goals.

It's time to call Coach Janie to get the help and support you need to reach your goals and become your personal best

Janie is a Certified Health Coach through Health Coaching University.

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