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Setting the Foundation for Business Growth

Learn more about our comprehensive 'Build it 2 Grow' business growth program at
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Why Business Growth is Important:

A successful business grows consistently, profitably, and nearly automatically.  It grows systematically—quickly and easily with less stress, fewer headaches, and fewer operational hiccups.  And, as a result, it does 3 things for its owners:

  • Provides a very comfortable and predictable income stream
  • Creates real wealth—wealth that provides capital for another project—or a very comfortable retirement—if and when the owner chooses to exit the business
  • Provides a lifestyle and personal freedom that allows the owner to come and go as they want and work as much—or as little—as they want—while the business practically grows itself.

Sadly, very few businesses achieve this level of success—in spite of the fact that most small business owners work harder than almost anyone else they know.  The problem is not a lack of effort.  Rather, it is a lack of knowledge and the lack of a focused growth system.

And, that's what this workshop is all about; teaching business owners the most important principles and systems behind successful business growth and development—systems and principles that when put into practice—resulting in a business that provides more income, more wealth, and more personal freedom.

Who Is This Online Masterclass For:

  • Entrepreneurial Business Owners - who want a faster, more consistently, and more profitably growing business—AND more personal freedom
  • Business Managers - who are responsible for any aspect of the growth of their company or department
  • Independent Sales Reps - who want to grow their client base and commissions—more effectively and with fewer hassles!

What You Will Take Away:

  • A new way of looking at and thinking about your business—a way of thinking that we guarantee will change everything
  • Hundreds of business growth principles, best practices, ideas, tips, and techniques
  • A new network of other like-minded business owners, leaders, managers, and independent sales reps.
  • Masterclass presentation, worksheets and exercises, and several, specific follow up actions you will take following the workshop to immediately begin taking your business to the next level
  • 6-weeks of access to a cloud-based educational video to review at revisit

Some of What You Will Learn:

  • The top 6 reasons businesses fail to grow—and what you can do differently to ensure that yours flourishes
  • How to self-fund your growth—a bootstrap method that really works
  • The Growth Engine—put this 5-step system to work in your business and watch revenues and profits grow—and keep growing—nearly effortlessly and automatically
  • The business model behind some of the most successful businesses on the planet—a business model that ANY business can—and should—use
  • 5 fundamental growth principles you must know, and use, to create a scalable, autonomous business
  • How the most successful business owners think about themselves and their businesses—the key to everything else...

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